Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sandpit Fun

With the warmer spring weather the sandpit is proving to be a popular place with both the morning and afternoon children as they have fun with mixing water and sand and exploring the properties of both these substances. Children are busy making cakes, soups and other wonderful concoctions, digging holes and ditches and creating rivers, lakes and what ever else captures their imaginations. And this afternoon was no exception and the sandpit was again a hive of industry. A large group of expectant children helped me to create a volcano and the excitement when the blue lava flowed was ear shattering!

Then there was also the group of children who got busy digging holes and ditches to make a "water volcano", as one little guy explained to me. It was great to see the cooperation between these children as they all worked together, and I had no doubt that no adult help was required when I got told, "This is very dirty work for adults but it's okay for kids".

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