Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doggie Day Care!

Following the interests of many of the children we decided it would be good to bring in some dogs to visit. And because I own two small and very sweet-natured dogs we thought we would start with Maggie (Rough Coat Jack Russell) and Dolly (Spoodle). Ian arrived with the dogs and of course was soon met by some very excited children, Dolly and Maggie were very popular and soon large groups of children were eagerly waiting for a turn to pat them, feed them or take them for a little walk. Earlier in the day we had set up a dog crate so the dogs would have somewhere to rest if it all got too much, which proved to me very useful. Dolly and Maggie say thanks very much Elaine (woof, woof, lick lick, lick). Before the dogs came the cage was full of lions, wild dogs and dinosaurs, which fortunately left as soon as the dogs arrived. Ian and the dogs stayed for lunch so that the afternoon children also had a chance to meet them, and once again the dogs were the subject of much affection. Once again I had reason to feel very proud of the children of Nayland Kindergarten as they so carefully enjoyed the dogs but were mindful of caring for them too. Thanks Ian, Dolly and Maggie for giving up part of your day to come and spend time with us.

Yes pink it is! or maybe red

This one is for you Margie couldn't resist showing you children's kitchen furniture all the way from Dubai.
I wonder which one you would choose.  IT WAS ONLY 3000 DIRHAM. Quite stunning infact.

Very modern with all the bells and whistles.  
When you visit the big malls here in Dubai and Al Ain there are entire levels dedicated to children, and that could be 150 shops all side by side.
I have not had an opportunity to visit any preschools over here yet, but will be interested to see how they are resourced.
Couldn't resist this Margie knowing how much you love pink and I love red - NOT!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Purple Cake Day

Last Tuesday we all participated in Purple Cake Day. This year was the inaugural event with the purpose being to support and celebrate children worldwide but in particular those of Haiti and the thousands of people killed in the 2009 earthquake. However, in light of recent events in Canterbury, the organisers had broadened it to also act as a fundraiser for Christchurch. So our Kindergarten community got right behind this with many of us dressed in purple, purple face paint, balloons, paint and play dough being the order of the day and one child brought in purple cup cakes for morning tea. Although not used as a fundraiser as such, families were encouraged to bring in non-perishable donations for food boxes for Christchurch and children participated in making a fabric banner to send to the Kindergarten Association in Christchurch. A large poster depicted both Haiti and Christchurch and the day provided a valuable opportunity to talk to the children about those caught up in both earthquakes and raise their awareness of those less fortunate and ways of helping. It was very touching to hear some of the concerned comments made by children and a proud moment when we had a child from Christchurch join us for the day and to see him welcomed and cared for so well by two of our boys.