Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adding challenge in the afternoon session

We started with the hose running down the slide, then the green dish to add speed, then pledge oil to increase the speed of travel downwards and then we added a tunnel with bubbles to see how fast our bodies could travel.  Oh what fun!!  The children are experimenting with the resources around them to test out how their bodies can travel down the blue slide and at what speed.  Being 3 years old and working with others is a big learning curve.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The deepening complexity of play

The deepening complexity of children's thinking and how they translate that into their play with others continues to motivate others to work collaboratively.  The medium and the materials are never the same, the play can be inside or outside and the players are always changing.
Replicating visual thoughts into diagramatic representations is no easy feat, and then being able to translate that to actuals is complex thinking.  Transferring thoughts onto paper and making comparisons about similar, different and or new ideas and designs takes reflection and metacognition.  Just a few learning frames come to mind with children demonstrating perseverance, being resourceful, working collaboratively, taking responsibility for themselves within the group, questioning and problem solving, striving for accuracy and precision, expressing ideas and views, listening to others, and being creative and innovative.  Play is complex!