Saturday, November 14, 2015

It has a life of its own...

If you had wondered is the muddy play had run its cycle the answer is no... children are bringing their togs to ensure that it is happens again and again and again.  Children and whanau have found a way to make it happen more often with less muddy muddy clothing to deal with.  Children are taking responsibility for bringing their togs and changes of clothes so that all the MUDDY PLAY can happen.

It is interesting to know that the girls initiated this and were soon followed by the boys.  Our girls rock!

Creatively collaging...

The wonderful collage contributions by our whanau and the teachers enviro school focus on sustainability have meant that children have a wide selection of natural, recycles and reusable items of to select for their artwork masterpieces.

An idea from a child about stick figures has created lots of interest and this week teachers and children designed a puppet show with our puppets using unfinished paintings and many of the resources donated. 

Thinking about our thinking

As teachers we are always looking for opportunities for children to explore their thinking and find way of articulating and creating it through other mediums.  Keeping a loose parts lens intact means that whatever is available and accessible is often an opportunity waiting to happen.

This is also a celebration of children's individuality.

Celebrating children's photography

Children often ask teachers for their cameras rather than the cameras available to them each day, I am wondering if they think there is a difference?

I am constantly amazed by the images they capture.

They are innately drawn to look up and to look down and they are drawn into a look closer - the power of curiosity... teachers need to slow down and look through their lens more often.