Friday, November 20, 2009

Lee's session with the morning children - Nov 18th

Lee was trialling a new session for the very first time with our children. Kindergarten children working together in pairs to practice the skills, co-ordination and motivation to be physically active.

First of all - the game of warm up - if the wolf[child] touched you, you had to squat down on the circle. That was the tricky part - the wolf and children could only move around the roped area by jumping from spot to spot.
Next came working in pairs, holding hands to rotate arms and shoulders together. Then as one child stood still and upright on a frisbee, their partner held their hand and ran around in circles as they rotated their friend on the frisbee!
Again, in pairs, children held their noodles and linked them together as a chain and then with a stable and strong stance - pulled. Honestly, hardly any children fell over - their grip and arm strength was strong!
To finish the session, a big ball was kicked around the circle - we noticed the anticipation as children waited for the ball to come and then kick the ball - future All Whites - you just never know!

Lee's session with the afternoon children - November 19th

Lee's session - the focus was fun and laughter with fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.
A dome, scarves and fingers to poke through, look for and listen to the scarves?, and then at the end - pop the bubbles with clapping hands.

A visit to Noah's farm

October 30th - a sunny afternoon for a small group of afternoon children to visit Noah's farm to see his animals on his farm. We saw some lambs and Noah told us that their names were, "lambs." We fed them some bread and then we went inside to see Ethan the cockatoo and the chickens. The chickens are still growing and that is why they are inside. As a teacher, I stood back and watched the brave and curious children holding the chickens - hmmm they are most certainly braver than their teacher!
Noah's farm continued to have surprises as we walked past 'Billy' the goat and headed into the forest. Well, just a little part of the forest - we gathered pinecones, had a rest and then went back through the long wavy grass to our cars. A big thank you to Noah and his family for the invitation to visit your farm - we had a great time!

Broadgreen Chickens come to Nayland Kindergarten

Just before the end of Term 3, a group Of Broadgreen Intermediate children and their teacher came to read stories, about chickens! The children at Broadgreen had hatched the chickens and continued to look after them as they grew and from all of these experiences, stories were written and published and then read to our children. Then, as the stories were about real chickens, we were able to use our 'gentle hands' and gently stroke the chickens. We gave a big thank you to the Broadgreen Intermediate children for sharing their stories and chickens with us.