Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sports Tasman Ride on Track.

There was high excitement at kindergarten on Tuesday as children arrived with their bikes ready to give the ride on challenge track a go. I had been talking to Martin form Sports Tasman and he agree to bring it along for us. He told me he was very excited about seeing how kindergarten children could handle the track as this was his first pre- school request. I just knew the children on Nayland Kindergarten would surprise and astound him, and I wasn't at all disappointed. At mat time we discussed ideas with the children about safety on bikes and together we brainstormed some simple steps.
1) Wear a helmet
2) Wear shoes.
3) Listen to the adults.
4) Look out for others.
5) Give it a go.
In small groups children were able to go and try out the track.We were all proud of the way they gave it a go, pushed themselves to new limits and worked so hard.One of the best things was watching some children who were hesitant initially by the end of the session wearing proud smiles . We would love to hear what your children told you about the day.When Martin came back to pack up he told me " I was rapt to see all those bikes, and all the children who were rearing to go. I'd love to come back" so watch this space.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Family fun night 2011

Our fabulous Family Liason group have done it again.
A cold and eventually rainy Friday night and we enjoyed a warm gathering of families in the Broadgreen Intermediate school hall for takeaways and dancing.
Thank you to all who were able to join us for tea, rainbow ring fun and a hip hop session with Darney.

Our garden grows.

Last term we said goodbye to Jack as he moved on to school. Knowing that we are always looking for ways to develop our kindergarten garden and outdoor areas Jack and his family have donated a Fejoia tree for the garden. Check it out in the area beside the wharenui.
Willing helpers dug the hole and carefully put it into place.

We will watch its progress and anticipate a crop of fejoias in the near future.
We are looking at ways to further develop this area into a quiet reflective corner.

A Leaf sandwich and other goodies.

We always know that Autumn has arrived when we return to kindergarten in Term 2.
Our old pear tree has dropped pears on the ground to be gathered and stored while they ripen.
Pears never ripen on the tree and it is hard to be patient and wait especially when often the bruises they suffer in falling from the tree can cause them to rot. They don't often look that appetising by then. The pears this year have been plentiful and enormous. Enough for us, the birds and the compost heap for the ones that are damaged. For the first time I have managed to keep some long enough to ripen and enjoy at home. Did anyone else have any luck with the ones we put out for you to take home?
Another autumn task is raking up the leaves that fall from our trees, into a leaf sandwich.
Why do we call it that?
Is it because by next spring the leaves will have broken down enough to create a lovely mulch to feed our kindergarten gardens.
I like that explanation.

There are always plenty of helpers for the task of raking and carting the leaves to the stack.
An enjoyable task, raking, lifting, carrying, coordinating the tipping, very physical. Negotiating turns with the rake and the broom, asking for help and working together to lift the heavier buckets.
Together we are experiencing the seasons, recycling and practicing a sustainable way of living.

A picture speaks a thousand words

After the visit of the Dog Club, children recorded their impressions and memories of the experience in pictures.

Go Dynamite Kite

We soon found out why he was called Dynamite Kite as we watched him speed around the course.
An invitation was extended to the Nelson Dog training club to visit and demonstrate the skills of their dogs. There is an ongoing interest and fascination with dogs amongst the children.
There have been dogs who passed away, new dogs in the family.
Dramatic play has featured noisy dogs, naughty dogs, good dogs and dog owners who make leashes for their dogs and train them.
Kathy from the Nelson Dog Training Club bought along her dog Split (Licketty Split), and other owners bought along Carly, Eva, Hannah, and Dynamite Kite to show off their skills.

The course was set up out on the field at Broadgreen. The dogs waited in their special blue coats while Kathy introduced them.

Over the high jumps for the bigger dogs and lower ones for Carly with the little legs!

Then an opportunity to say hello. Kathy explained to the children the importance of asking an owner if it was alright pat their dog before they approached it. She also showed them how to put out their hand in front of to allow the dog to sniff them before they patted it.
Thank you for introducing your wonderful dogs to our children.
For families wanting basic training for their dogs or even to go further with Agility training the Nelson Dog training club can be contacted on 5446364 for obedience or 5481782 for agility.
www.nelsondogs.org.nz will also put you in touch.

Fantastic Families

"Te Whariki - The wider world of family and community is an integral part of the early childhood curriculum...building on what children bring to it, making links with everyday and special events of family, whanau, local communities and cultures."

At the end of term one, at the invitation of Nic, Hannah, her
Grandma and Pop, our children, parents and teachers travelled by bus out to Appleby to Grandma and Pops house for a magical morning of picnics, treasure hunts, lollypop trees, a dip in the spa, crocodiles in the pool and more.

We can't say thank you enough to Hannah, Nic, Grandma and Pop for the generosity of spirit which we experienced. As one of our children commented, 'it was the best day of her life.'