Saturday, March 22, 2014

Diverse thinkers

Children at Nayland Kindergarten have diverse learning opportunities and experiences.
They are confident, capable, competent learners who are able to think co-operatively, interdependently and independently.

When I posed a provocation in small group their thinking showed diversity and the ability to think independently, even though they worked alongside each other.

Tanya Batt visits us again

Whenever Tanya visits Nelson we love to catch up with her for some more storytelling.  We believe her journey through the expressive arts in early childhood and the way she brings this to children and adults   IS A DYNAMIC, MOTIVATING, INSPIRATIONAL EXPERIENCE.  She is without question THE BEST STORYTELLER IN THE LAND OF AOTEAROA.

This time we invited Tanya to do a session with 3 groups of kindergarten children in the morning and then run a workshop for teachers in the afternoon.

Check out her website - Imagined worlds and enjoy her storytelling.

Following children's interests

EVERYDAY I AM A FIREMAN!!  The fire play at Nayland Kindergarten happens everyday and a growing number of children, adults and teachers are engaging in the play.
So where to next the teachers wondered??  We could revisit the fire station and see what ideas the children bring back with them this time.  A couple of the children had been on the first trip and they were definitely the leaders in the play, so what would be different for them and how would the play change for the new children.
I think the teachers and adults were just as excited as the kids.
There is always time for a social catchup in the park before hand and morning kai, then a game of tag, followed by a little chat about keeping ourselves safe on the busy city streets.  Then we were off...

The Firemen at the Nelson Fire Station were amazing!
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the children in such a meaningful way and for giving up your time so generously.

The children were so interested and the hands on opportunities certainly gave them an opportunity to be firemen/women too.

It was great to have 8 very interested and supportive parents helping during the morning, and I know that we learnt heaps too.

Even the adults had a hankering to hold the fire hose, but we had to share as time was running out, so we let the children have their turn.  Maybe next time adults.

We checked out the firefighters clothing.  What did they wear on their bodies, and how did they keep themselves safe from fire,heat and falling objects.

We talked about why firemen have to be fit, and why they might need to be strong to carry all their gear and to climb ladders.  We also told them that we are getting fit on the ropes and monkey bars.

We told the fireman how we keep ourselves safe at kindergarten and they were very impressed with the children's knowledge about safety.

The fireman had a big x box looking panel strapped to his body so that he could maneouvre the big ladder, turning it so that the hose was pointing right at us.  Yikes!  Funny that some of us thought it was a camera.  Then he spun it right around and extended it up to the top of the big tower.  The fireman practice climbing up the tower and also use the tunnels inside for crawling practice.
The firemen showed us around the many cupboards on the firetruck, showing us all the equipment.
The jaws of life were so heavy and the children thought they looked just like scissors.
We talked about them rescuing people from cars.
The children also learnt about the many helpful jobs that fireman do too.

The fire truck was so well equipped.
 We were surprised by the many different fire  vehicles in the yard.

When we get back to kindergarten we will put up the photos so that children can think about the different vehicles and the jobs they do.

Maybe our firemen play at kindergarten might consider many of the ideas from the morning and the many different vehicles we saw???

I can't wait to be outside next week to see what happens next in the play.....

Physical Exploration is key to learning

This term we have really noticed children taking on much bigger physical challenges, and the uninterrupted length of time children have to further their learning alongside their peers and teachers is a key enabler.

The teachers have showcased the physical challenges at mat times and throughout the morning by making children's learning visible and inviting children to "give it a go".  The photos speak for themselves.

The boys have certainly taken up the girls challenge to master some difficult upper body movements, they are motivated to tackle and master these skills.