Thursday, September 15, 2011

Broadgreen students Creating challenges

We value our proximity to Broadgreen Intermediate and the opportunites our children have to be part of the older students learning. Today the Broadgreen students task was to create challenge courses appropriate for our 4 year olds.
What a great job they did. Jumping in a sack into hoops, tossing dice into a bucket, weaving through cones, jumping hurdles, crawling through tunnels and running under the parachute. It was an opportunity for our children to show off their skills. Challenges like these are important for developing listening, co operative skills, the ability to follow instructions and work as a team. The continued development of agility, coordination, body and spatial awareness, creating pathways in the brain is important for learning.

It was very special for some of our children to have their older sisters and brothers leading the session.
Lucky us we have one more session with the Intermediate students before the end of the term.

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