Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Paints

Thursday 6th May

This afternoon the children enjoyed working with the new metallic paints. I set up small pieces of paper, paint trays and cotton buds on a table outside with the help of two of the children who were very keen to try out the "beautiful colours". Many of the children throughout the afternoon came to explore the resources and lots of wonderful paintings were created, all with a style of their own.

Hula Hoop Huts

Wednesday 5th May

This morning we got busy building hula hoop huts, one of the activities used in Lee's sessions to promote children's spatial awareness. Using six hoops a hut is built and the children then have to crawl through it very carefully so that it does not fall down. They have to think carefully about where their head is, their arms, their bottom and their feet. I had lots of children keen to join in when they saw the fun that the others were having. Another challenge was to see how many children we could fit inside one hut without it falling down. We managed three which led me to introducing the story of "The Three Little Pigs", with the three huts representing the pigs' houses that they built. So what started as a physical development activity turned into wonderful dramatic play for a large group of children, and we were still playing when the tidy-up time music came on. Oh dear, we will just have to play it again next week!

Learning about other ways of caring for the world.

One morning some of the children asked about the worm farm, so we got some rubber gloves and checked it out. Did you know that human skin burns the worms so it's important to wear gloves to keep the worms safe. We were all delighted to find heaps of worms eating their way through all the scraps.

Some of the conversations we have been having this week have been about "what happens to our rubbish" so today we tried an experiment. We collected a sample of rubbish, food scraps, glad wrap,tinfoil and yogurt pottles and buried them in the garden. We talked about what might happen to the rubbish and next month we will dig it up to make some discoveries. Some children buried the rubbish and some others made markers to show remind us of what's beneath the soil.

This week we have been collecting the leaves that are falling around the playground so we can make some leaf mulch. Some of the children helped sweep up the leaves and then tip them into the area we had made.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Excursion to Guyton's

Wednesday 26th April

It was a very excited group of boys that set off to visit Guyton’s fish shop. This trip had been organised as a follow up from last term’s excursion to the Aquarium and the continuing interest in fish and sea creatures that several of these boys have. We travelled by car, with mums and dads helping out with transport and supervision. We drove along Rocks Road, children recognising familiar places like the Lion’s Playground. “Where’s Mr. Whippy?” one wanted to know! Another knew a little about Fifeshire Rock. “Silly rock. A boat crashed into it.” Once at the wharf there was lots to see both out on the water, with tugs boats heading out to bring in a big container ship, and inside the shop, where they not only saw all the kai moana for sale but could see the guys filleting the fish through the viewing window. Favourites were the big crayfish and the moonfish. Before leaving we bought some hoki and once back at Kindergarten we cooked up some fish and chips for lunch. Yummy!