Thursday, August 16, 2012

A vist to the Stoke Library.

Maria, who has been a student teacher with us for the past five weeks wanted to take a small group to the Stoke Library. So we planned a trip and of course we were all pleased to see that the rain had stopped so we could walk .The children were delighted to see a familiar place and that huge hand was of course of interest. Sarah , one of the librarians met us and welcomed us to her place. We sat on the mat and sung a welcome song and then Sarah read us three stories.We were able to browse though the book shelves and bring some back to kindergarten to share . I think one of the highlights for many of the children was being able to have a stamp on their hands. A practice that Nelson Libraries have been offering children for a very long time, but one that never fails to delight. Thanks Meg and Kris for coming along to help and thanks to Maria for organising the trip.We all had a wonderful morning out exploring another part of our local community.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bird Pudding

The trees are looking bare and the weather is wet and cold, it was time to think about making bird pudding for the hungry birds.

I asked who would like to help me and I soon had lots of willing helpers. 

The children chopped our left over fruit and mixed the bird seed and peanut butter in the bowl.

We started mixing with the spoons and before long we were exploring it with our hands,  then the yummy fruit and peanut butter smells began to fill the air.  Yum this looked good enough to eat.

We added some silverbeet at the last minute, as those cheeky birds had been eating all our plants in the garden, so we added some greens.

We moulded the mixture into balls and then found some recycled netting to make up the holders to hang them in the trees.

We will watch with interest now to see if the birds come to eat our delicious bird pudding.

We are wondering what sort of birds will eat our tasty bird pudding?