Saturday, June 19, 2010

Screen Printing

Friday 18th June

This morning lots of children got creative with screen printing. For some this was a revisiting of a process they were already familiar with but had not had any practice at for some time. So some working through of each step was necessary. For others it was a totally new art medium to work with. We also had some parents joining in. One parent had asked her son if he would like to do a print but he showed no interest. When I asked her if she would like to do one herself she jumped at the opportunity! So we had adults and children learning together, children often taking on the role of teacher as the more experienced ones were able to support those new to the process. A wonderfully busy morning with children engaged throughout.

Friday, June 18, 2010

What happens to our rubbish?
A little while ago a group of children and I buried some food scraps, tin foil, plastic and yogurt pottles in the garden. The question we asked is "What will happen to our rubbish". Some children theorised that the worms would eat it all so we decided to wait and see what we would happen. Today ( six or so weeks later) was the day to dig in the garden and make some more discoveries. We found the yogurt pottles tin foil and plastic covered in dirt and with a few worms inside but no other changes. The food scraps had turned into beautiful rich soil and the children decided the worms had done a great job. The conclusion the children came to "the worms can eat the food but not the rubbish" . In order for children to be able to care for the world and take responsibility for it they first need to fall in love with it. I hope this sort of experience will help children do just that. By making discoveries about what happens to our rubbish my hope is that children will naturally take responsibility for what they do with their own rubbish in order to be part of keeping our world a beautiful place.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Visitors of the animal kind.

Wednesday was a busy day not only did we have the awesome drama group from Nayland College but Tia arranged for a friend to visit us with some animals. The children were very interested to meet a miniature horse , a small terrier dog and a huge Great Dane, what a contrast. Children excitedly waited for their turn to brush the horse or walk the small dog. A few of the children gathered round the Great Dane and I think they were completely in awe of it's size. The looks on their faces when it put its front legs on the owners shoulders was priceless.
This visit gave the children a wonderful opportunity to learn about being safe around animals and also some of the aspects of care involved in having a pet. Thanks for coming guys and also thanks Tia for arranging it.