Thursday, February 18, 2016

Inspiration for Sculpture

With the completion of our newly landscaped garden area, we have decided to create a sculpture to place n the corner of the stoned area.  With this in mind, we went out into our local community to inspire us, and learn more about sculpture.

We found sculptures made of wood, bronze, metal, ceramic and stone.  Through observation and talking to people in the community who knew about the sculptural artworks, we learnt that the sculptures often told a stories of people, places, and time.

Our next step, is for kaiako, tamariki and whanau, to work together and decide on the story of 'our place' and how we will re-create this within our sculpture.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Our Garden Makeover

Over the last several months we have talked with the children and whanau about what we could do in  the grass area, where the grass just won't grow!

A plan was formed, we wanted water and mud, and the teachers wanted the area to be natural and easily maintained.  With the support of local businesses, Fulton Hogan, Hirepool, and Delta, the materials for the makeover were sourced.

On Saturday a group of willing helpers spent the morning rotary hoeing, digging, carting and creating, and our beautiful new area emerged.

Thanks to everyone who helped on this project.  Already the space is being enjoyed and explored by the children.