Saturday, August 29, 2009

We made a start

Our visit to Ecofest certainly got us inspired to give a bokashi compost a go at kindergarten and at home and once we had purchased the buckets we were ready to go.

As always there were so very keen helpers, who helped me cut up the food scraps and sprinkle bokashi mix over it as we layered the food. What a great way to spend part of the morning, learning about something new, chatting about the process and talking about how we would show our own families what a great idea bokashi is.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bokashi Compost Worm farming

An invitation to all parents to come along on Wednesday morning to discover how you can start composting, worm farming and setting up an inside compost - a bokashi bucket.
Sarah - our advisor from the Small planet programme has a wealth of knowledge and 'how to' in getting started on the compost journey...
This workshop is for parents - so please come along.

Wednesday - Sept 2nd - 9-11 am

Put your name on the compost form so we know how many parents are coming - morning tea provided.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Pyjama Party

14th August

What fun we all had at our pyjama party, where we danced, ate yummy breakfast food and saw a play. This was organised by one of the children with Margie's help. Invitations went out, requests for breakfast food and she even had some of the teachers organised to act out "The Three Bears" for the children, also starring herself and her brother. It was very cool that Room 12 from Nayland Primary joined us for breakfast and a play with friends, allowing some children who had only just started school to come along and join in with the party fun. Thanks for a wonderful party!

Monday, August 24, 2009

What to do on a wet day? Make a water slide of course!

A piece of black polythene, a little bit of soap and a whole lot of water makes for a fast fun slippery water slide.

Children took responsibility for the water, holding the disk steady for their friends to get on, pushing their friends down the slide and then returning the disk to the top of the mound for the next person to have a go. There was a long line of children waiting to have their turn. Only down side was having to call it quits when the rain drops got to big!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome to all the new families joining our blog

It is exciting to have our families now viewing our blog and the teachers look forward to your comments. You will notice that under each entry there is "a comment" tag, which you enter onto and leave your comment, these will be viewed by the teachers before they are posted, so it will appear within a few days. It is a great opportunity to add in your child's comments as they look at the blog also, as there are so many things that happen on any one day and it is a wonderful way to trigger children's thinking and sharing of their day too.
You will also notice a tag at the bottom "older posts", click on it and it will take you back to earlier posts.
This is a great way to share our significant events each week and to keep families involved in the kindergarten programme.