Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teachers are learners here to

Working with children to explore creativity is the best job in the world.  It is very empowering for teachers trying out new art mediums alongside children for the very first time.  It is often the children that are the teachers and the teachers that are the learners, so together we build a community of artists.
Art is always a magnet drawing other children into trying out something new, and at times they are lining up for the next turn.  So my challenge is to always keep it small and manageable, not branch out into something that resembles a railway station.  I had a success with the printmaking as they children were keen to have a turn and wrote their names on the list to ensure they had a turn the next day.

Working with Clay

Working with natural resources such as clay is very satisfying.
Early exploration has involved discovering the way clay responds to kneading, rolling, shaping and patterning. We used fingers, palms, fists and tools to pattern the surface.
We have provided shells, cones, sticks to use with the clay.
Children have made sailboats, pots, butterfly, caterpillars, beds, monkeys and beads.
Another technique that has been explored is using a slab of clay as a canvas to draw pictures on. We have used some wonderful metallic paints to paint beads and we will add colour to the drawings and other creations now they are dry.
There have been opportunities for story telling, exploring language for shape texture pattern, sharing ideas and knowledge.


This week Sarah Langi from Small Planet came to talk with us about recycling. Sarah talked about what happens to the rubbish in land fill and how it just sits there and takes hundreds of years to break down. If we want to be people who care for our environment we need to think of some other ways of disposing of rubbish was her main message.
We had collected lots of rubbish from lunches, a collection of food scraps and other things and Sarah asked the children to decide where to put each item. The children had to decide whether it was paper and card, plastic, tin or compost or worm farm. We were very proud of the way they answered quickly and with such knowledgeable answers.
And I learnt a new thing this week......did you know that Kathmandu fleeces are made from recycled plastic bottles so drink up!