Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seasons change - so does our centre piece!

As autumn is upon us and winter just round the corner it is time to recreate a new sculpture for the paint easel. As children and teachers have gathered leaves, bark, dried flowers and seeds and drift wood there were many natural resources to create our work. The glue guns are always popular tools to create sculpture and I am always amazed at how children are able to have pieces stand up and stack on top of each other creating interesting shapes and features. The glue guns have now been set up in the sewing room so children can use them as they choose. Teachers have also ordered more guns and of course glue sticks, so more children can engage at once. I have to say having only two guns does mean children need to negotiate their turns and also to manage their impulsivity! In others words waiting their turn and allowing others to choose where and how they will stick things.
So next time you are in the garden or walking through the park have a look around for some resources you may think would be good for glue gunning and of course you are always invited to have a go yourself!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's been cooking in the sandpit?

What industrious fun there has been the past couple of weeks with creating delicious?? concoctions in the sandpit. There has been chocolate and chocolate cake along with the complex making of wombat stew.
Whatever the brew there has been a group of cooks and all having a role to play. Each adding their own individual ideas and flair to the overall product. Some adding more water, others adding more sand and mud.

When it came to the wombat stew there were many bits and pieces added to make up for flies, feathers, bugs and slugs. All the time we read the story and chanting the song
Wombat stew
Wombat stew

Munchy crunchy for my lunchy
Wombat stew

Next time you are passing, feel free to come and taste what is on offer, or better still add your own personal touch to the brew! p.s. no wombats were hurt in this process. (In fact we couldn't find one!)

Kai time at Nayland Kindergarten

At Nayland Kindergarten we have what are called rolling morning and afternoon teas. This means that children can come if they are hungry and over a period of time. If the morning parents may have noticed the signs on the wall which mean have a green spot for go and a red spot for stop. This is to allow children to self manage this time. When the children see it is 9:30am they can put out the red kai mats, put sitting mat around the kai mat and then wash hands and say the karakia. The kai mats are then removed at 10:45am.

Karakia - Maori name for prayer. Our karakia is more a statement of thanks rather than a religious grace so we do not exclude any children from the process. It is written above the kai area for parents to see and some families have even adopted this for their own tables at home.

For our family whanau friends and food
we say ka pai and thank you
Kia taku whanau me nga hoa,
mo te kai,kia ora.

These are the tikanga (protocols) around the kai mats:
1. We must not stand or sit on the kai mats
2. W place our food on the mat not on our sitting mats
3. Sitting mats are for sitting, not lying down.

Children know at the end of kai they pick up their mats and place them back in the basket.
The same tikanga runs for morning, afternoon and lunch times.

In the morning session, children choose their morning tea from their lunch boxes. They place a poster on the mat and choose things that are similar in their lunch boxes. Children talk about everyday food being for morning tea. The poster also hangs on the wooden stand by the kai mats.

Children learn about waste free lunch boxes, and all rubbish brought in lunch boxes goes home in their lunch boxes.

Creative Designers
The sewing room continues to be an area of interest for children to design and create clothing and wearable art.

Children have used pattern books and books on WOW as well as their prior knowledge of clothing and costumes to use as provocations and inspiration for their projects.
The sewing machine has proven to be a piece of technology attractive and mastered by both boys and girls.

At Nayland Kindergarten the teachers believe it is important that children have available the real tools for them to construct their real work. For their visions and plans to be seen as real and valued. Here are some samples of the work that has been carried out. Impressive designers and Impressive products.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Billy Goats Gruff.

This week we have all been having lots of fun acting out the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The first time the teachers had a play, much to the amusement of the children and then the children took turns playing different roles. Every morning we set up the bridge and the children would soon ask for the track to be played.Play acting gives children the opportunity to discover other ways of being creative and also the knowledge that stories can be told and retold in other ways apart from print.It also gives children a chance to practice confidence and courage as they try something that may be out of their confort zone.We will continue this for the next while and we all look forward to seeing what develops.