Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chips for morning tea

Returning to kindergarten it is time to assess the state of our gardens which have had to cope without regular watering over the break. A rainy December and new bark on Mt Wharepapaiti has meant the grasses planted have thrived over summer and are looking good.
Digging out the potato barrel revealed a kilogram or two of potatoes. I had some willing helpers to dig them out of the dirt and Ratisha cleaned them with a scrubbing brush and water. Thanks Ratisha.
Leaving them damp in a plastic bag over the weekend wasn't such a good idea we discovered. Pooowheee!!!!! Where did that smell come from?
Another round of scrubbing and cleaning was in order. Again Ratisha was a great helper.
What should we do with them now. After some discussion about the different ways to eat potatoes it was decided we were going to make CHIPS.
There is never a shortage of helpers when it comes time to prepare food. You can't cut up potatoes with a blunt knife so out came our sharpest knives and the chopping boards. Taking turns, the children soon had the potatoes chopped, spread on a tray and in the oven.
Only two sticking plasters were needed when fingers got in the way!
By the time the chippies came out of the oven most of the children were all sitting down for morning tea.
Ratisha was able to share them out to those keen to try the result of our hard work and good growing and cooking skills.
Can't wait to plant some more in the coming season.

"Sharing our pets"

This week both Devin and Stuart brought their pets into kindergarten for us to all enjoy. Devin was very excited to see his Mum and Dad come through the gate with the kittens. Almost immediately a group of children came running to see what was inside the box. Funnily enough right behind them came Stuart's Mum with his pet canary.

Dan and Shantelle soon had the children organised sitting down and quietly waiting for the kittens to approach them so that could have a hold. Everybody commented on the softness of their fur and the roughness of their tongues when the kittens tried to lick them . These three cute kittens are looking for forever homes, so if your after a new family member you might like to chat to Devin's family.

Stuart's yellow canary sat up on top of the art easel all morning and kept Tania entertained while we went out side to have a session with Lee. As we came back we heard him singing a most beautiful song which was pretty cool.
Thank You Devin and Stuart and your whanau for bringing in your pets to meet us.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Summer Fun.

We trust you have managed to have a restful break and taken some time to enjoy a break with the ones who are important to you.Each of the teachers came back feeling refreshed and excited about a new year ahead. And from the many conversations we have had with you and your children we get the feeling that you are too.Many of the children have been so excited to get back into kindergarten and without missing a beat that have taken up where they left off last December. One of the pleasures of summer in Nelson is the many ways we get to enjoy the water. And kindergarten is no exception.During an afternoon session this week two of the boys decided to have a bit of a water fight, the laughter and fun was contagious and soon we invited them to bring the water onto the slide.I am sure any body walking past kindergarten was thoroughly entertained by the laughter and fun they could easily see happening.Before long as you can well imagine a group of excited and eager children arrived to have a go too.Lynne came up with the idea of trying out the new clear tunnel ( it was certainly a hit). I think the children enjoyed being able to watch each other go through it.At the end of this we had several very wet soggy and happy children.While the warm weather continues you can be sure that plenty of water play opportunities will arise so make sure you send your child with a few changes of clothes.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcome back and welcome to Arkmid's family

2012 at Nayland Kindergarten has begun, yes we are back! 

Arkmid our very special kindergarten camel, who flew back with Lynne from the UAE last year, would like to welcome you all back and we look forward to catching up with you all and hearing about your holidays.

Arkmid has some exciting news to tell you all, his family Jamal and Jamelia flew out from Dubai for the holidays and they have decided to stay and enjoy Nelson and Nayland Kindergarten.  They have been very busy catching up with old and new friends over the Christmas and New Year and exploring Nelson to find out what exciting things there are to do here.

Arkmid loves to go home with children and families to have adventures, and there are lots of exciting stories in his profile book about going on holiday in the Marlborough sounds, having an operation to fix his wobbley neck and getting up to mischief with his kindergarten friends.

So watch out for further stories about their adventures and we look forward to sharing their stories with you.
See you all back next week.