Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Penguin Group Meet Gill the Librarian

Today we went to the School library where Gill the librarian met us and told us the Library rules. She showed us where we could choose books from and where we would choose them from when we first started school. Then we got to look at the books that interested us and see the wall displays before Gill called us back into a group to show us how to find out how to put a book back in the right place. You look down the spine of the book to find a letter and then you match it to the one on the book shelf. Soon it was time for us to make our way back to kindergarten for lunch but not before Gill read us a story which we all helped with.

Nayland School Assembly

Today an eager bunch of children and adults set off to Nayland Primary School’s full assembly. We were warmly greeted by Mrs Hall and sat amongst the classes. It was wonderful to see that some of ex Nayland Kindergarten children were being recognized for their outstanding attitudes towards learning. Sophie’s big brother Connor won the school award much to the delight of his little sister.