Saturday, June 18, 2011

A wonderful morning out- thanks to Rescue Helicopter

Thanks to Bede's family for another wonderful experience.

A quiz night to remember- thanks FLG's (Family Liasion Group)

With great organisation and lots of energetic and supportive help - what do you get- a very successful fundraiser and a fun night out for all.  The quiz setup at Stoke School Hall looked and felt great, the team where enjoying setting up their tables with lots of sponsorship and it looked dynamic, so of course the outcome was to always go well.  It was apparent that everyone was having fun, thanks to our wonderful quiz master Woody and his stunning assistant Gaye, along with their support staff flanking them.
Thank you to our sponsors who made this night both successful and funfilled.

We would also like to thank HireQuip for their very generous support, we very much appreciate their contribution.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visiting Nayland Primary.

Transition to School is made a little smoother by children being given many opportunities to become familiar with the school routines and environment.About six weeks prior to a child starting Nayland Primary they begin to attend Rainbow Club and also make a series of visits to a classroom on a Thursday morning.Each week children also take turns in small groups to visit the school library .We were invited by Mrs Payne to take a small group up to visit her class room. The children made Lynne and I feel extremely proud as we listened to them share tier mihimihi so confidently.
Mrs Payne read story and we all joined with a song. After this children were able to choose a numeracy activity and work with others.The school children all chose a kindergarten buddy to work with.Having someone who already had some school experience was helpful . The school children were fantastic role models to our children, showing them around and making sure they were well looked after.
We had morning tea on the verandah and then a play in the playground.What a great morning. I think the thing I appreciated the most was watching children have opportunity to become familiar with the way things happen at school.