Saturday, November 14, 2015

It has a life of its own...

If you had wondered is the muddy play had run its cycle the answer is no... children are bringing their togs to ensure that it is happens again and again and again.  Children and whanau have found a way to make it happen more often with less muddy muddy clothing to deal with.  Children are taking responsibility for bringing their togs and changes of clothes so that all the MUDDY PLAY can happen.

It is interesting to know that the girls initiated this and were soon followed by the boys.  Our girls rock!

Creatively collaging...

The wonderful collage contributions by our whanau and the teachers enviro school focus on sustainability have meant that children have a wide selection of natural, recycles and reusable items of to select for their artwork masterpieces.

An idea from a child about stick figures has created lots of interest and this week teachers and children designed a puppet show with our puppets using unfinished paintings and many of the resources donated. 

Thinking about our thinking

As teachers we are always looking for opportunities for children to explore their thinking and find way of articulating and creating it through other mediums.  Keeping a loose parts lens intact means that whatever is available and accessible is often an opportunity waiting to happen.

This is also a celebration of children's individuality.

Celebrating children's photography

Children often ask teachers for their cameras rather than the cameras available to them each day, I am wondering if they think there is a difference?

I am constantly amazed by the images they capture.

They are innately drawn to look up and to look down and they are drawn into a look closer - the power of curiosity... teachers need to slow down and look through their lens more often.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Animal Park Adventure

 The end of term adventure was to visit the Animal farm in the Moutere for the morning. Loaded with our kai and lots of whanau we were off! Exploring the environment around us is an important part of our programme. Giving children experiences outside our gate is a key feature of our regular programme and we are often out on small group excursions. It is great to all be out together enjoying the beautiful country side around us.

 Children got to feed some of the animals as well as handle some of the smaller ones. Those goats and lambs sure were hungry. Lots of children had turns feeding them with bottles.

Thanks to all our families to  coming with us today and sharing in this fun morning. Maybe you will visit this place again in the holidays? See you in two weeks!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

We did it... we added the water!

 The children had asked and asked, "can we have water now?"  We responsed with a big "YES!"
The fun was enormous and so was the mess, but did we care?, goodness NO!, we just kept on getting muddier and muddier and muddier.  

 I think that the question we might have asked ourselves quietly was, "would the girls love it as much", well here is your answer..... YES INDEED!  There were as many boys as girls.
Some of them played for up to an hour, then we got the hose and a big bucket and got ourselves back to semi clean.... we semi rinsed the mud out of the clothes and hung them on the fence, which looked rather funny too.
Many people passing just smiled or called out "now that looks like fun".
It was more than fun it was MIGHTY MESSY FUN WITH FRIENDS.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Following the children's lead..

It has been a struggle to keep the grass play area usable over the years, so the decision was made to dig it up as inspiration to find a solution.  We asked the children who would like to help dig it up and before long the spades, diggers, trucks and gumboots were hard at work.  We still don't really know what to do but the children have turned it into a construction site and an off road biking track, so maybe we just need to pause and follow their lead....

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Walk to Grace's House and the Stoke Library     

4th September 2015 

We set off out the gate and along the Railway Reserve, in beautiful sunshine, with Grace leading to way to her house.  With an ongoing interest in photography amongst the children, there were plenty of opportunities along the way to take photos, and before long and we were at Grace's house.

We were welcomed in to play, with Grace excitedly showing us her bedroom, and sharing her toys with the group.  Graces whanau had made special treats for morning tea, which we all enjoyed. Then there was time for more playing and dancing, before a quick tidyup, and continuing on our walk to Stoke Library.

Mary the librarian welcomed us to the library, and read two stories to the group.  Then there was time to explore and read books together, and check out the puzzles and games, before choosing some books to take back with us to Kindergarten. 

It was lots of fun heading out into our local community, and this supports our children to make links between the kindergarten setting and other settings that relate to the children and their whanau.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Off to Birchwood School and Miela's house.

Miela’s invited us to come play at her house and because she lives close to
Birchwood School we visited Addison (who left us for school at the end of
last term) on the way. We spent time in the classroom with the children
and Mrs Saville, we played in the playground and then we walked to
Miela’s house. Everyone enjoyed playing in Miela’s bedroom and on her
trampoline. Thanks Kate, Dion and Miela for welcoming us to your
place. Also thanks to Abby, Andrea, Charmaine and Natalya who offered
to help on the day.
At kindergarten we encourage the exploration of the wider community as
this enables children to develop an understanding of the world around
them, while practicing their skills for dealing with new situations and
building relationships with a widening group of children and adults. We
appreciate being part of a community of families who are excited about

helping us make this happen on a regular basis.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A planting we will go!

Thanks to Waimea Nurseries we now have 4 new fruit trees, thanks for your very generous gift.
Thanks Graeme for coming to plant them with the children and to Kim and Martin for removing some old trees to make the space.
Our growing orchard now has a new apple, plum, mandarin and feijoa.
There were lots of ready helpers to dig the holes and place them in.

Friday, August 7, 2015

An exciting new experience

Our boys are excited about our new IDinosaur book and iPad app that makes dinosaurs come alive.
Being able to hover the iPad over the book and hatch a dinosaur out of a box or egg provides a lot of excitement and the anticipation is evident on their faces.
It has also attracted the interest, wonderment and awe of the adults in the centre.
A must have in every early childhood centre!
The photo says it all.  We are looking forward to getting further 3D books soon.

Developing interests

The icy winter mornings have kept children inside a little longer and new interests in the arts are emerging through horses and superheroes.
A request for a photo of a rainbow horse to use as a provocation for painting led to requests for colourful ponies, mystical horses and superheroes.
We often place photos around the art area as provocations for children to borrow other artists ideas and as a starting point for thinking.