Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ephimeral Art is underway again.

Ephemeral art is something that is  to be transient and short lasting – only existing for a little amount of time.

The warmer weather has encouraged us all outdoors and the sandpit area has come alive with ephimeral art materials.  The children have been curious about the number of children busily engaged in making art from the materials available in the sandpit.

To protect children's work we have now sectioned off a side of the sandpit so that children's work can last for the session, at which point it is photographed and put away.

With a selection of plant life, shells,
bones, bark, small logs and stones on hand their ideas soon came to life.

Art in the outdoors certainly attracts the boys and it wasn't long before the bones had come alive as they soon became dinosaurs and the storytelling began.  
The fascination with dinosaurs and the discussions that arise out of this are never ending as children explore the concepts of extinction and a time long ago.  

Back to the ephimeral art produced over this week, check out some of the 
amazing designs that children created.

Children's work is all quite unique.

A trip to Lucy's paradise

The term is speeding along and although we have not had many blog entries this term, I can assure you that we have been very busy both at kindergarten and exploring our wonderful community with our families.
Last term we were noticing the birds in our playground, and then a number of children were keen to count the birds they saw around their houses, and in Nelson as they travelled around.  So we decided that those children would explore the wider community for different birds, in a totally different setting at Lucy's house.
Time for karakia and kai together then off for a walk.

We didn't see many birds but the chatter could be heard as the children explored the Ngawhatu area, walking and talking at great length.  

Enjoy these photos, I am sure you will get a sense of wonderment and awe as you see our surroundings, and celebrate the the diversity of our Nelson environment.

We saw a pukeko running for his life over the hill ( I think he heard us coming) , 2 rather large well fed kereru (wood pigeon), a fantail, some yellow hammer heads and a hawk.

It is always exciting to see children and adults developing new friendships, and strengthening their bonds together as a group. 

Research shows that children who have opportunities to explore and care for their environment continue to do this throughout their lives.

Our morning finished all too soon, but we still managed to fit in a stop over at a local cafe for a coffee and fluffy to cap the morning off.  Great parents, fantastic children, great hosts and a great time out.

We will watch with interest as the warmer weather encourages more birdlife back to kindergarten. We had better get on with making more bird feeders before winter is over and refueling our existing ones.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Music Fun!

Last week we had two wonderful sessions with Kath Bee, a local singer who has recorded several children's CD's and whose music is well-known to our children, particularly a current favourite, "Dragons Under My Bed". She came and sang at both a morning and afternoon session, ensuring all children had the opportunity to participate in one of her very entertaining and interactive sessions. And of course "Dragons Under My Bed" was a must at both sessions, the children singing along with her. All the songs encouraged active participation from the audience, so providing the children with opportunity to experiment with pitch, keeping a steady beat, changing beat, moving to simple rhythmic patterns and just having lots of fun. Thank you, Kath! And we can continue to enjoy her music as we now have 4 of her CD's at kindergarten which include all the songs that she did with us.