Saturday, September 11, 2010

Almost but not quite!
Find the teachers in the crowd! Were you there too?
If so post us a comment and tell us about your experience of the day.

More than 2500 people took part in the attempt to break the world record for the largest haka.

We didn't quite make it but it was such an awesome and powerful experience which brought our Nelson community together like never before. See in February for the next attempt.

Kia Kaha!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Haka: Attempting to break the world record.
No doubt you have read about the challenge and heard from the children that we have been learning and practicing the Haka so we can take part in the challenge.
WHEN: Saturday 11th Sept 1pm at Tahunanui Beach.
Come along and be a part of creating history as well as standing strong as part of the Nelson community. Here is the video for you to practice with.

Wharenui at Nayland Kindergarten

At Nayland we celebrate Maori as Tangata Whenua and strive for children and teachers to be able to walk in both worlds with knowledge and embracement of language, cultural values and customs. Part of thid journey has been the children building a wharenui (meeting house) on the front deck. The children have been learning about the tikanga (customary rules) about the use and components of the whare(house).
After the wharenui was built we held a small blessing ceremony with a karakia (prayer) and waiata (song). Children spoke of what they contributed to the wharenui and how they felt about having one.

Children worked hard at constructing the building and then painted the outside. Over a couple of days we prepared the tukutuku panels by using red and white paint on black paper and used the lattice card to replicate the carvings. A tekoteko was prepared for the top of the house replicating the ancestral carving.

Children have embraced the meeting house ensuring the rules such as no shoes, no food, no drink and no fighting/ guns allowed. Check out the diagram by the wharenui and ask the children to explain the parts.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bokashi Juice for the Garden.

Bokashi is another form of composting we do at our kindergarten as it allows the faster breakdown of food especially citrus. The juice from the compost collects in the bottom bucket to which we add water and pour onto our garden providing rich nutrients for our vegetables and flowers.

Sarah Langi from the Nelson City Council will be coming again in the next few weeks to update teachers and parents on our sustainability programmes so watch the notice board for more details.

Children have continued to prepare meals from the garden and also families have been sharing in the extra produce. Watch the gardens over the next couple of weeks as we prepare the mound with grasses and more planting of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lee comes to play.

We have invited Lee Corlett just to come and play in the playground with us. We have been having a brilliant time too, learning many new things and taking time to practice the skills he has been teaching us. This week the children spent time jumping off the boxes into the octonut Lee added another challenge, they had to catch a ball while jumping. The next stage was to bat the ball into a hoolahoop while jumping off the boxes. Soon it was obvious the children were ready for another challenge and so we moved over to the catch a frame that I have borrowed. We had been using this to practice catching skills and Lee added another challenge of having to throw the bean bags and land them into different coloured hoolahoops( all for different amount of points) . I so appreciated having Lee to give me some different ways of using our equipment and I know the children benefit from having his input as well.We will put a note on the noticeboard when Lee is next coming to play, so if you have time come along and hang out with us.Thanks Lee for giving some of your time to us.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trash Band

Monday 30th August

The trash band has been a great asset to the outdoor environment and the exploration of it by many children has been very evident. Here we see some of our afternoon children having a jam session. The little drummer was quite stunning as was the accompanying cymbal player! They were very in rhythm together and the enjoyment very evident on their faces. Thanks to Nayland Primary School for passing this on for our children to enjoy.