Monday, December 15, 2014

Yahoo there have been 10,000 views on our blog

Time to celebrate 10,000 hits on our blog, it is great to be able to share our kindergarten programme with a wider audience.  It is exciting to see people all around the world viewing what is happening at our place.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Sharing our story with Room 14 Nayland Primary

Some of the children wrote a story about a monster who chased their families and tried to eat them. They added detailed pictures to the story and our student teacher, Natalie, made this awesome storybook. We took the book to school to share. The school children gave some feedback to the girls saying they liked the pictures and the story was funny.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Life is an experiment!! How better to learn!

When you mix curiosity with metacognition, what do you get?

So what might happen when the yellow and blue dye walk up the paper??

What happened when we mixed the cornflour and boiling water mixture into two bowls and added yellow and blue?

What happened when we used the foot bellows pump, a hose, a funnel, some red bubbly water and lots of energetic children?

What travels faster?  Corrugated card on a slide or a sledge loaded with children being assisted down a slope?

Wondering is addictive and so is childhood.  Let the children play, that is how innovation happens. Thinking, planning, and experimenting drive learning.
You might wonder too who are the adults and who are the children in this place!

Gardening time again

We have harvested the few vegetables left in our garden and now it is time to plant again.   My helpers soon arrived to pick, clean and cut them ready for cooking.

The children know exactly where our garden waste goes... into the compost.

The children and teachers talked about what we could plant and with some very generous help from families and offers of plants and seeds our garden has come alive again.

During the morning it rained to settle the plants in and to tempt the children out.  I love the vibrant colours and the wonderful energy of the children and plants connecting in our garden.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Visiting Summerset Retirement Village

What an amazing morning with a group of twenty children working with some of the elderly members of our community drawing and sharing stories, sharing kai and then performing with some amazing singing and dancing. Thanks to our wonderful parents who came with us on the bus for the morning.
                        “To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”
Tia Walker

Favourite  songs were shared - Wash your face with orange juice, Mrs Bunny and The Magic Playdough were just a few of our repertoire this morning. Kai pai tō mahi tamariki mā. Great work children.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Conservation walk

Heading out the gate and off for a conservation walk went the children from Nayland Kindergarten.  What could they find.... something made of wood, metal, something green, brown, big or small and what else would they notice that we hadn't expected?  Indeed they did find things of interest, and we listened to many different sounds and we noticed many different patterns outside the kindergarten environment.   It is also a great opportunity to practice looking after each other and to explore the environment around us.

Get set go...

Emily from Sports Tasman came to play some games at kindergarten, gathering a group of interested children she played "Creep up...".  It is a good reminder of games to play and to find out who is interested and who knows the game already.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Off to the Air Nelson.

 At kindergarten we love the opportunity to explore new places in our local community.  It was with much excitement we took up the opportunity offered from Lionel (Juandre’s and Liam’s Dad) to visit Air Nelson, and get close to the aeroplanes.
Lionel met us at Air Nelson, and after explaining how to keep ourselves safe, we were ready to head into the hanger.  Inside were two aeroplanes which were having maintenance work done on them - the men working on them were attached by a harness, just in case they slipped.  We were able to go inside one of the aeroplanes, it had a huge silver fern painted on it’s tail.  Inside the aeroplane we checked out the cockpit and see where the pilot’s sits and all the instruments he uses to fly the aeroplane.  The tour finished with a walk through the main maintenance hanger, where there was a lot of activity and noise.  Kaiako Lynette.

A visit to the Suter Gallery

11th    June 2014  .  We headed out into our community to visit The Suter Art Gallery.  On arrival we were greeted by Esther who showed us around the gallery and talked to us about the artwork on display.  We began by looking for repeating patterns in the paintings, then using our bodies to make the patterns.  Then turning on some music, Esther encouraged us to use our bodies to make repeating patterns in time to the music.  Next we looked closely at the paintings, finding shapes which we made our bodies into….we became trees, birds, mountains and rivers.  After that it was time to get creative, we each chose a favourite painting,  and then set to work creating our own interpretation of the original artwork using pastels.  What a beautiful collection of pictures were created to display on our wall back at Kindergarten.   Kaiako Lynette.

Afternoon kindergarten - end of term excursion to Play Dayz.

As an end of term excursion for the afternoon children we planned a trip to Play Days (Action Indoor Sports Centre). For several children in this group this was their very first ever bus trip so that was exciting all in itself. Play days provides bouncy castles, play equipment, ride ons and toys.  The children were all delighted to discover all the wonderful things available to them.  I think the parents enjoyed time to play but also the fact that while their children were in a safe fenced area they could nip off and buy a coffee and bring it back to enjoy while watching the children play.  Thanks to the parents who were able to join us on this afternoon out.

The morning children head to the gym.

This term we planned a visit to Nelson Intermediate Gym  for our end of term excursion.  We set off on  the bus and stopped at the Botanics for morning tea and to celebrate  a 5th  Birthday.  From here we set off for the Gym.  This was a new experience for many of the children but a chance to revisit an old favourite for many and of course an opportunity to showcase the amazing physical skills of many of the children.  Sessions at the gym never fail to provide new challenges and opportunities to test limits, and naturally then  discover new skills and abilities.
What a wonderful morning we all had.  Thanks to all the parents who helped support us on the day and specials thanks to Kyle and Linda for supporting this excursion. The morning passed quickly , and soon we were back on the bus, hot, sweaty , tired and  ready for a two  week break.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Daltons Sunflower Competition.

We have joined in a nationwide competition, growing Skyscraper Sunflowers.
Daltons kindly sent us pots, seeds, seed trays, seed raising mix and compost. During the past week many children have been busy helping to plant out our seeds.  We have also bought a mini greenhouse to germinate the seeds in.  Children will help to water and care for these, and I am sure they will watch their progress with great interest.  Taking part in this competition is another way of providing children with hands on experiences in learning about kaitiakitanga - caring for our environment.  The excitement so far has been fabulous and several children already check the pots daily to see if anything has happened.  Come and take a look for yourselves next time you drop off your child, and of course you can check their  progress right here on the blog. Ka kite ano.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

An Amazing Opportunity

We are very excited to be presenting a workshop at the Educational Leadership Conference in Hamilton in October 2014.  Read our brief, we are privileged to celebrate our boys.

Lynne Paul & Margie Meleisea - Front Framing Boys For Success!

Keeping boys in the front frame!!!!   Using dispositional learning to support boys to be successful as they navigate the complexity of learning.
Learning Stories provide a vehicle for teachers to unpack the importance of play for boys in an environment that affords them the places, spaces and time to develop an understanding of themselves as successful learners.  The teachers at Nayland Kindergarten encourage boys to move to learn, to struggle with difficulty, to set themselves goals and negotiate the complex web of social relationships.
To afford boys an environment that supports them to be successful learners demands a strong ethos of reflective teamwork and an environment that invites, stimulates and challenges boys to engage and lock onto learning.
This is our story at Nayland Kindergarten about keeping boys in the front frame.... keeping learning real, relevant and responsive.

About Lynne & Margie

Margie and I have worked together for over 8 years at Nayland Kindergarten, we both share a passion for “boys as successful learners”.  During this time we have engaged in a 3 year research project with Core Education and the Ministry of Education which highlighted the role of ICT in children’s creativity through the visual arts.  This amazing opportunity highlighted boys passions for technology as a tool for learning and boys as literate visual artists.  Further research 2 years later with Core Education highlighted boys as being highly successful literate and e-literate learners.  
Together we have presented our research a number of times at Ulearn conferences, at a Wintec Arts Conference and at a Reggio Emilio Conference.
We are excited to be able to celebrate boys as successful learners and we are always out there looking for opportunities to further our learning and to share our passions, interests and spirits with who ever wants to listen.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

We are all artists here!

During the term break the teachers took time out to explore encaustic art with Lyn @ LynNZart on Golf Road Nelson.  She also has a gallery of all her beautiful work.  Check out our efforts, we were all feeling very artistic at the end of the 1 hour session and left with our masterpieces in hand.  Our artwork is now up on display for others to see.

I am heading back to pick up a kit, can see this being a new hobby.