Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What do we know about insects

Observing insects in the playground prompted some further exploration as a giant web was recreated using the climbing bars and a nearby tree. The addition of the kindergarten insect collection and a book about insects and the children were soon busy making discoveries and sharing what they know about the lives of insects, where they live and how they camouflage themselves so that we can't find them.


Family fun night at Birchwood school hall.

Thank you to our wonderful Family Liason Group for organising the family tea at Birchwood School Hall recently. We shared kai together and  the children introduced their whanau to some of the songs and games we enjoy at kindergarten.

Winter Water exploration

I watched with delight as a child experimented with syphoning from a bucket of sticky mud, he jiggled the pipe up and down several times, stopping every now and then to see if the water was travelling up the pipe.  He went in search of more water, pouring it into the bucket,  he then jiggled the pipe up and down again, stopping to look down the pipe.  The high level of activity had drawn other children into the play, and they set about working together.  The teamwork was spontaneous and they worked like a well oiled machine, almost reading each others minds, one by one they found vessels to pour water down the pipe. Another child responded by connecting pipes together and when the water poured out the joins another child responded by packing mud around the join to block it up. This play continued for over 45 minutes, and during that time there was lots of laughter and excitement too.

Tanya Batt comes to visit

There are special opportunities that just can not be missed and having story time with Tanya Batt is one of those treasured moments.

Teachers, children and parents were spellbound by Tanya's magical storytelling for 1 whole hour, which was filled with wonderment, humour and lessons for young and older.

Tanya also ran workshops for 50 teachers sharing her knowledge and skills about story telling - loads of inspiration and story telling tools for teachers.  (Check out her website)

Thanks for visiting Nayland Kindergarten Tanya and sharing your expertise with children, families, whanau and teachers.