Monday, June 3, 2019

Friday, September 28, 2018

Kapahaka Boogie 2018

Wow Nayland Kindergarten were awesome today. 

The Kindergarten Kapahaka Boogie was a great success today as our tamariki lead the way as they fully participated in the whole session with 140 children and 80 adults and whanau. 
Matua Madsen lead the session and he celebrated as our children so confidently performed and the Nayland Primary Kapahaka group put on an awesome performance. 
A fantabulous morning celebrating our tamariki/children and te ao Maori/Maori world. 
Do watch all the videos and appreciate that we couldn't video all the children (due to numbers and visibility of all children) but celebrate the amazing participation of Nayland Kindergarten and I will send any individual photos of your child to you. 
Please add in your whanau feedback....we hope you enjoyed it as much as us.

Visiting a Forest Kindergarten

Monday, September 17, 2018

Matua Madsen prepares us for Kapa Haka Boogie.

Lock in this date, we would love you to join us- 24th September 2018 at Broadgreen Hall. 

We are having a big kapahaka session with 8 other kindergartens and Matua Madsen.
The plan of the day looks like this....
The morning starts at 10am
We begin the morning with a mihi whakatau. Nayland Primary Kapahaka group will welcome us, (once we are all in the hall).
Matua Madsen will reply on our behalf and we will sing a waiata - Taku Mokupuna
Nayland Primary will perform some songs, waiata and haka.
Matua Madsen will then run one big session with all of us together.
The morning will end about 11.45
We will be having a shared kai at the end of the morning and ask that families send a plate of finger food for their child to share.
We are all very excited and will keep you updated.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Out the gate over the week.

Climbing High!

Last week we were excited to have an opportunity to try out the climbing wall in Broadgreen Hall, thanks to Helena and her Dad Craig. Three of Craig's students also came along to help get the harnesses on and support the children.
The photos show some very brave, adventurous children who 'gave it a go'.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Feeding the birds for Winter

We have been talking to the children about the birds not having enough food during winter. At the end of kai time we having been putting out the left over apple cores and some bird food we made out of cooking fat and bird seed. 
There was significantly a huge increase in the number of birds coming for their kai yesterday and today. 
I wonder what birds might come into your place if you put food out for them??

News from whaea Lynette in Vietnam

Xin Chao from Vietnam
Hello to the kaiako, tamariki and whanau at Nayland Kindergarten. Time is going very quickly on my trip through Asia. I thought I would share a few more photos of my favourite places in Vietnam so far....
Ninh Binh was beautiful, and were we amazed at the lady who rowed us down the river using her feet (check out the short video). After rowing on the river, we climbed many steps up a hill, there was a dragon and temple on top, and the view looked down on the river we had rowed along earlier. 
Halong Bay was also beautiful, with calm waters and many rocky islands. We stayed overnight on the boat. 
In Sapa we went to the top of Mt Fansipan, the highest mountain in Indochina. It was very cold, foggy and wet that high up. 
Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and the traffic is crazy!  They told us 7 million people live there, and there are 5 million motorbikes.  
I went to a cooking class and one of the things I learnt to make was spring rolls. Maybe when I get back to kindergarten we could make these together. 
We have seen many new and interesting sights on our travels, and have enjoyed experiencing the culture of Vietnam. Each day is an exciting adventure as we explore new places, meet new people, and try different foods. 
I hope your term is going well at kindergarten, I look forward to hearing about what you have been up to when I get back. Bye for now, Lynette.

Walk to Magic Tree in Broadgreen Gardens

This morning we went for stroll up to Broadgreen gardens again to visit 'magic tree', the fish and to see if we could find any acorn houses. It was lovely and sunny and time for a picnic. 
This time we picked up all the rubbish under the magic tree and we were surprised by how much we gathered.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Powhiri at Nayland College

An image

Wow - Look at our new furniture, Thank you Grocare.

A huge big thank you to Kurt, Sarah and Jaeda for the very generous donations of play equipment from their family and Grocare. 
The cafe is a hot favourite at the moment with a steady stream of keen sellers and buyers and lots of innovative items are being added to the sales itinerary e.g. cars, wood, and food items. There are some great negotiations going on as children are selling items from about $1 to $100. 
The teachers have been seen lining up for coffees. 
The block shelf has added huge value to the block area as it makes the resources easily accessible and looks great. 
We are loving our new tables as it allows children to gather in smaller groups to work together. The new blue chairs blend perfectly into our environment. 
The book trolley is very useful out by the sofa under the verandah as we now have a space to gather books and pens, paper and other items. 
The shelf in the bag area has enhanced the new design of this area. 
There is also a carpentry shelf and fridge to come as well. 
So once again, a huge big thank you to Kurt, Sarah, Jaeda and Grocare - we feel blessed by your generosity.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Boomerang Bags

Boomerang Bags 
With the aim of not using plastic bags at kindergarten, the children and kaiako have been busy sewing 'boomerang bags', fabric bags to be used and then reused. With a number of 'boomerang bags' now completed by our enthusiastic sewing team, we have started using them instead of plastic bags. 
Bags will be sent home with your child's wet clothing (if they don't already have their own re-useable bag). 
When they are bought home, your child's name will be written up on the board, next to the number (the same number is on the bag). 
Please wash the bag, and return it to kindergarten to be reused by other children. 
We thank you for your support.