Saturday, September 4, 2010

Creativity at the wheel

Every time the spinning wheel comes out the children start lining up for their turn, it never looses its appeal as every painting is a mystery.  When it is spinning it looks quite different to the finished product and I think that is half of the fascination - "What will my painting look like this time?".
Drawing the circle and making it big enough takes some practice and cutting it out provides lots of challenges.  The adults have to sit on their hands and use their words to allow the children to problem solve both these skills.  Each circle is unique to each child  and they are very proud of their finished product.  Choosing a range of colours in either paint or dye and a range of tools with brushes or squirty bottles, so that the effect on their paper is quite different.Some children complete many pictures each day and others return to it day after day.
The wheel is an old drill and battery which we recharge every day, good old NZ ingenuity.

The 3 pictures on the right belong to one boy who completed 5 pictures in one morning.  He managed the whole process by himself and as you can see each one is original.
Boys, technology and creativity all in one, toss in a little problem solving and noise and what do you get "Boys loving art too".

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A visit to the Life Education Trust Caravan

You will have all spotted the big caravan in the Broadgreen Intermediate carpark by now and the morning session was lucky to have a visit inside to meet Harold.
Check out Harold's website for some resources and the fit and healthy messages he happily gives out to children and families.

 We met Harold the friendly giraffe and Virginia who takes Harold on tour all around the South Island.  Harold couldn't come out of his house because he was too tall and he might bump the roof, so Virginia told us to look out for him eating leaves off the trees outside during the day.

 We learnt about what our body needs to be healthy and fit and the things we would need to take away if we went for a holiday to grannys.  We found out that our bodies need food, sunlight, water, exercise and oxygen to stay fit and healthy.  The children helped Virginia complete the puzzle body with all the bits that we would need.
Harold knows all about being fit and healthy so he has shared lots of his songs and special resources on his website.

We met Harold and he sang us a song and we sang him twinkle twinkle little star and then blew out all the lights on the roof of his caravan.

Thanks for letting us visit Harold, we look forward to bringing some more children over next year.