Saturday, June 7, 2014

Setting the stage

A couple of fabulous storytellers at kindergarten decided they wanted to put on a show at mat time.  We talked about needing to practice but the girls assured me that they had it sorted and it would be a surprise.  (Which indeed it was).
I suggested a possible location for the show and they were very excited about their venue and took upon themselves to paint the prop (puppet stand) on the side.  Some very creative and inspirational designs were created, and engaged a growing number of stage crew in the process.

The girls made a fabulous job and the show was a blend of storytelling, dramatic performance and comedy.  They had their audience in hysterics (and teachers too) and kept their audience captivated for 15 minutes.  A job well done girls.  Mat times are much more fun when the children are running them.

Bubbly fun

I have to say that Facebook is a great place to find and share great ideas.  I discovered a fun art experience just using paint and bubble wrap on a roller.  The children used the rollers for a while then decided to take the bubble wrap off and press it onto the paper, which caused bubble explosions.
The resulting artwork was stunning and the colours were very dramatic.

Boys, technology and the arts

When the teachers bring the art spinning wheel out the boys gather around waiting for their turn.  There is a process in place, children have to make their own paper circle, drawing, cutting and getting it ready for placing on the wheel. The wheel is driven by a drill and the battery is attached at the side of the box for ease of recharging.  There is a light switch on the side to turn the wheel on and off.  I think for boys it is mechanical, it has "the noise, "the speed" and it never looses it fascination.  The children can use paint, dye, pens, spray paint.  The possibilities are endless and the learning is collaborative and creative.
As you can see there is lots of concentration and thinking, notice the three brushes moving together and the colour bands that are being created with purpose.

Friday, June 6, 2014

A special taonga gifted from the Sutton whanau.

  Today the kindergarten was gifted a beautiful picture from the Sutton whanau to represent the things we know are special learning at Nayland Primary School. Thank you Skye, Fern, Jo and Martin for the beautiful gift, the story of the painting and the wonderful presentation to us today. The magical world of fairies and unicorns will live in our place for always. Take the time to read all about this painting. The words are placed beside the painting on the wall.