Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meet Tracey our Storyteller

You will have noticed Tracey visiting in both morning and afternoon sessions to read to the children during session time. Her passion for reading is evident as she comes along each week with a different theme and is often dressed up to act out that theme.
Tracey always has an eager audience and she has done a fantastic job of responding to children's interests with pirates, vehicles and potato people. So do rock on up and say hello I am sure that it won't be long and you too will be sitting in on her enticing stories.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How fortunate we are to be part of the Nayland Community

Thank you Broadgreen Intermediate for including us in your programme again.
Being part of the 4 school cluster in Nayland does create a little bit of chaos at the end of the day, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.
Broadgreen Intermediate allow us parking space by the kindergarten, they support us with the use of their hall and resources and at trikathon time they kindly let us use their top courts for the course.

Our visual arts journey has been further enhanced by an invitation to view their stage challenge rehearsal, and watch the big kids dancing and singing about the wonderful place we live in "New Zealand". We are sure that there will be a number of our very talented singers and dancers from Nayland Kindergarten up on that stage one day.

A visit to the museum

Dinosaurs are always a topic of great interest, so when we saw the fossil and dinosaur exhibition at the Nelson Museum a small group of children and adults set off to investigate. The exhibition has prompted lots of discussion about fossils, millions of years ago, moa's, caves, the size of dinosaurs and that some creatures do not look the same today. The proof is in the pudding I say, as they discussions continue and with the support of a resource box of fossils kindly loaned to us by the museum, we are continuing to discuss fossils and have some hands on experience.

The wonder of children - a child explained fossils to the group - "when plants or animal bones go into the ground, sand goes around them and that makes mud, which turns into concrete and that is how you get a fossil". Our philosophy is created alongside children and so is our learning as teachers - I will save that explanation for another day.

The dancing troupe

The visual arts journey continues at Nayland Kindergarten, as the children and teachers, have an opportunity to experience dance, music and drama sessions with Sherie, a local dance teacher. The dance sessions happened over 6 weeks every Wednesday morning for 30 minutes.
The dance sessions always start with a "start picture" and a "finishing picture", to encourage creativity and freedom of expression. During the sessions children had an opportunity to explore movement, rhythm, beat, tempo, and dance with controlled movements which valued children's individuality. The elements of enjoyment, creativity, being part of a group, turn taking, stickability, listening to instructions and following instructions, being original and sharing ideas were all part of session. The teachers were just as visible as the children and so the role of participating and taking on roles of responsibility, such as being a leader, dancing on the stage and holding the bridge where all shared.
The visual arts journey continues as we explore dance, drama, song and music in Term 2 2009.