Monday, November 1, 2010

A morning in a magic place

We were off to visit a family's farm for the morning, 10 morning children and 7 adults were off on a farm adventure with their backpacks on their backs and morning tea for the adults and the animals.
A short drive out past Brightwater, around a few windy roads and a step drive and we had arrived to a magic place.
The animals were there to greet us, the sheep, lambs, calf, cow, pigs, dogs, chooks, and birds were awaiting our arrival.

It was so peaceful, the sun was shining and we made a decision
that this could have been a week long excursion.  We were in heaven sitting up there looking down the valley.
Morning tea over we set off into the forest, heading up to the top of the hill after the very energetic children, who were excited by their new surroundings.  Reaching the top we had to call out and tell them to stop, as they were ready to go on much further.  "Where are we?" I asked.  "In the North Island" was their reply.  Not letting on of course, some of us felt like we had tramped that far too.

We thought walking up hill was hard work, well we were in for a treat as the boys decided to take the quick way down.
This is one of those moments when you wished you had worn the right shoes, all those pin needles start to move at speed and so do you.  Lots of fun and it didn't take us long.  The children had not run out of energy or steam they were ready to go again. Now it was time to check out the treehouse, what a great place to play and it would be fun to sleep up here too. Wow, you can even slide out of it, slow and slippery but lots of fun.  A climbing wall was attached and ladders to go up to the hut ontop.

How did time pass so quickly, it was time to go home and time to say goodbye to the animals and the wonderful family that had invited us. 
Thanks to N's family for the wonderful morning and thanks to all our helpers, I know that you didn't want to leave either.

Bunny Day.

Vaydim came into kindergarten clutching something small in his arms and calling "It's Bunny Day". He had a small baby rabbit tucked into his arms. Of course very soon a larger group had arrived to have a look and have the chance to pet him.
It soon turned out it was indeed Bunny day because Ruth and her Mum arrived with two more bunnies in tow. They set up a special enclosure and children took turns climbing inside to pat and feed them. Outside our student teachers Jess and Meghan were face painting and yes , your guessed correctly, very soon a whole clutch of bunnies were hopping around the playground.After kindergarten that day Jake and his Mum went to pick up his new pet bunny,so next day he brought it in to share with us.
What an awesome opportunity for children who might not have any pets at home.Thanks to these children and their families for sharing their pets with us.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A trip to Nelson Airport to see the helicopters

Bede and his family had invited a small group of afternoon children to visit the helicopter hangar at the Nelson Airport.  With great excitement we set off to with lots of parents as helpers.
What an amazing opportunity and Bede's Dad had lots of new and exciting adventures for us.
There was time to explore the helicopter inside and out, ask loads of questions and find out what it might be like to be a helicopter pilot.
We tried out the winch and harness to pull us up into the rescue helicopter safely in the case of an emergency.  Then the children decided that I should have a go too, and I have to say that I was pretty keen to give it a go.

Bede and Mum were helping Dad strap everyone in safely, waiting for the thumbs up to start the lifting, checking in that all was well below.
Bede's Dad took him for a ride in the blue helicopter and we watched on, as the helicopter hovered above the ground in front of us and then turned to land again further away.  I smiled as one child said, that isn't fair because my Mum doesn't have her licence to fly helicopters.  It wasn't possible for the children to fly that day, but there may now be lots of children asking for helicopter trips after this. 
  There was a smaller helicopter alongside the rescue helicopter and the boys wanted their photo taken standing in front of it.  Boys dream about being a pilot one day.
 We also discovered that there was a NZ Flying Doctor aeroplane operating out of Nelson.We watched as the pilot backed the plane out with his little tractor, getting the aeroplane ready for its next flight.
Thank you to Bede and his family, we had a fantastic time at the helicopter hangar, and thank you so much for making it possible for us to find out the rescue helicopter and see you and Bede fly in one together.  I am sure that it made many children's dreams a reality and adults too.