Saturday, March 18, 2017

Our gardens are laden with fruit!

It is exciting to see our trees fruiting, the worm farm so healthy (thanks to our families for bringing in their vegetable waste) and the vegetable gardens growing well.  Children experience what it means to care for our gardens, be sustainable, to recycle food waste and reuse our own paper waste to keep the worm farm healthy.
 The children are loving 'harvest time', picking the apples has been long awaited.

 It has taken us a couple of years to perfect the right conditions for our worms and it must be perfect right as it is alive with millions of the white baby worms and many big tiger worms too.

 We are caring for our grafted pear tree taken from our 75 year old pear tree below, which is presently laden in pears.  There has been the smell of pear pickle/chutney inside and outside as it cooks.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We visit Birchwood School.

What a wonderful morning out we had at Birchwood School.  Ailia ably lead the way to her new school, taking us first into the office to sign in.  Then she showed us to her classroom where we were warmly welcomed by Mrs H, Miss Fitchett and the children. Everyone enjoyed listening to a story and then having time to explore and enjoy the learning spaces.  It was very exciting to discover an environment that was very like kindergarten.
Once we had our morning tea we headed back to kindergarten but not before stopping at Broadgreen gardens. It was fun checking out the gold fish, the stunning roses and the mystery secret tree.  And of course we had time to play our old time favourite game of “Duck, Duck, Goose.”
At Nayland Kindergarten we understand the changes that transition bring and so this is one of there reasons we plan excursions such as this.  A great way for the child heading off to school to share their new spaces and places with us and also a great way for teachers and friends to become more familiar with this child’s new place of learning. 

Te Whāriki  Goal 1 “Children and their families experience an environment where connecting links with the family and the wider world are affirmed and extended.”

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Preparing our playground for the 50th celebrations

Ka pai koutou mahi, great work everyone.  Bryce (Kyra's dad) kindly came into chop some branches down at kindergarten.  The tamariki showed us great perseverance and worked together to fill the Can Plan bin on the second day with all the branches and leaves on the ground from all that chopping and sawing.  The kaiako were very impressed with all your mahi (work) everybody, thank you.   The plants are in, and the trees are trimmed preparing for our 50th celebrations on the 9th March!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Nayland Kindergarten 50 years... the celebrations are in March!

It is always exciting to look back and look forward to really understand the history of our place.  Our beautiful pear tree has been here for over 75 years and it has welcomed every child and family during that time...if only it could tell us the stories.

Looking back...


We are very thankful to the wonderful teachers, families and children who had the insight to plant the grounds with beautiful trees which now give us natural shade and fun places to play.

Our gardens have been refreshed, watered and replanted... looking fabulous.

Our goal was to have a pickable plot this time and lots of edible flowers too.  

A mountain of a morning...

A glimpse of today... this morning a group of children walked to the summit of the centre of NZ, (Mt Everest actually). We couldn't organise snow so we had a flurry of bubbles (they were amazing and we entertained many tourists), Sir Ed planted his flag and the children all deposited their rocks (personally designed) around it to ensure it stood proudly and strong on the mountain.  
We were then ready to descend so we skyped kindergarten to show them our great efforts and with a last look at the view we ran all the way down the mountain, feeling very proud of our efforts. Great job everyone.