Thursday, September 15, 2011

A request that we as teachers often hear is "Can we do face painting?"Sometimes as adult will be the painter but invariably children will take over the task themselves. I love being the observer on these occasions listening to the conversations, watching the concentration on their faces as children look into the mirror, plan their work and begin to create. Sometimes they choose to paint themselves and other times negotiate with a friend to paint each other.The buzz of a group of busy creators is inspiring, and so I grabbed a few shots for you to enjoy as well.
Exploration and curiosity are valuable and very important tools for learning . By being given the opportunity to paint their own faces children continue to learn about themselves as a capable, confident explorers and learners, who are able to ask questions and make interesting discoveries. When children are given the tools and materials for the job and the freedom to make their own choices and decisions , they will also be developing the skills of problem solving. Having the freedom to play with materials with no fixed outcome in mind also helps them discover that learning is a creative and enjoyable experience.
Here at Nayland Kindergarten this is the type of learning we value and promote. We want children to be free to explore, to learn at their own pace and build the idea in their heads of themselves as capable and confident explorers and learners. Our job is to make sure the tools are available for them to use, the environment is set up for them to explore safely and that we as teacher are co - explorers with them.

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Anonymous said...

Cooper loved his 'self painted' purple face - and proudly wore it up to school that afternoon. Tanya