Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A busy afternoon session to start off 2013

The afternoon children have arrived back refreshed and ready to engage in the programme.
The outdoor spaces always invite children to engage in caring for the environment and of course water exploration.  How can we water the lawns and the children??  They work it out.

 The worm food is ready to be sorted to make sure we check that they eat it all.
 Time to dig the potatoes and cook them for afternoon tea.

The indoor environment was busy too, with house construction, animal play and meeting and settling new children.
 A number of mathematical concepts being explored.
 Maths and dramatic role playing side by side.
Architectural design of a bears house, with bedrooms, a roof and a sandpit.

We are back and busy in morning session 2013

The children, teachers and whanau are back refreshed and ready to get busy, there has been a busy buzz as children reconnect with friends, explore the environment which the teachers have changed over the first couple of weeks and challenge themselves to some new learning.
The art area has been a very busy space as children have been keen to engage in screen printing and mixed media collage.  The new indoor design has ignited a new interest as materials, resources and tools for children are more accessible, and children "as teachers" has been evident from day one as "our screenprinting experts" have been modelling the process to many new children.
The results have been stunning.

The resources have been used in diverse ways and screenprinting has created their awareness of the materials available, which has lead to further thinking and creating.

This is only week 1 with all the children back I can't wait to see where this depth of creating and thinking takes us.