Thursday, April 29, 2010

After observing a strong interest amongst some of the children around animals and horses, we arranged for a visit to Whakatu RDA for a small group of children.
Thanks to Pam and her helpers and horses Comet, Cherry and Dinkie we had a wonderful morning. For some, riding a horse was a familiar sensation while for others it was a new experience.
The childrens observations included "whats that smell" and
"Comet was itchy, he kept itching his leg with his mouth.
They felt soft and warm.
Comet was wobbly to ride but fun. It was funny seeing the poos!"
We found out that horses birthdays are all August 1st.
Kia ora koutou. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome to Nayland Kindergarten and for your patience while I learn the ropes and learn everyone's names. If I haven't met you properly yet, please come up and introduce yourself. Being here has provided me with many new challenges especially in the area of I.C.T, but progress is possible and here I am making my first blog post.

Thank you also for the way you have welcomed the children from Nelson South Kindergarten who are with us for the time being until a replacement building can be found for them. They have coped very well with the change and it has been great to watch them fitting right in here at Nayland. The highlight for them this week was probably the visit to the WOW museum, and I am sure they will be putting it on their wishlist for excursions when they return to Nelson South Kindergarten.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The children have spent the first week settling back in to kindergarten and they have been really enjoying the outdoors.  When Lester arrived with the frame work for the new house (or rocketship) they were very excited when he started to construct it with them.  They were lining up for hammers and working elbow to elbow both inside and outside the house frame.  The boys were keen builders, listening to Lester and banging in lots of nails to make it strong.  The boys had no longer finished than the girls came along to finish the job.  Thanks Lester for sharing your building skills with our children.