Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stoke Fire Station.

Because we believe that children learn through relationships with people , places and things, we make a point of ensuring the wider world and community are an integral part of the learning experiences we make available to children. With this in mind we plan excursions to follow up on children's interests and if possible making links for them between their kindergarten and the larger world in which they live.And if these links are family links it makes it even more exciting and relevant.

Fire Fighter play has been a major feature of the playground recently and Luba (Student teacher - Canterbury University) wanted to follow up on this. Two of the boys have several family members who are part of Stoke Voluntary Fire Brigade and so we were able to organise a visit to the Fire Station.
We set off walking along the reserve , stopping for morning tea along the way. Once we got to the Fire Station everyone became excited. we talked first with Amanda and met James and Issac. They took us into the locker room where we saw the uniforms and some of us tried it on. One of the firefighter kindly donned his uniform, and even put on the breathing apparatus.
From here we got to climb inside the firetruck, and then head into the control room and learn about what fire fighter do when a call out comes in. After this we all went outside and watched how they put a ladder up on top of a building (and believe me it is not as easy at it looks on TV.
The of course we had the moment we had all been looking forward to. The fire hose!! All the children got a turn and of course I simply couldn't resist......and I tried so hard to resist the temptation of squirting everyone.
Thanks so much to Sonia for setting up the trip, to Luba for helping me organise it, to Manda, Matt and James for being brilliant role models and patiently answering all our questions.And of course thanks to the parents who came iwth us and to the children for being an awesome bunch to go out with,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPCA Visit Kindergarten.

Karman and Ian the SPCA educators brought Tammy the Maltese Dog (kuri) who lives at the SPCA and some of the other rescued animals to kindergarten this morning. The children had the opportunity to handle the baby rabbits (rāpeti) that were just eight weeks old and the little kitten (punua ngeru) that was found abandoned at Countdown in Stoke.This is a wonderful example of children experiencing an environment where connections with the wider community are affirmed and extended. The children are learning to cope with changes to the daily routines with the support of the teachers and in a familiar environment. For some children this may also be the first time that they have handled some of the animals that came.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't forget to check out Lynne's blog....

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At present we are still at Sara's enjoying wee Milan, the weather is getting really hot now and some days it is too hot for outside time.  Never mind we had joined one of the local hotel complexes and have been lazing by the pool and sunbathing.  Hard work I know.

Milan was only 5lb born but is now racing to 8lb and she has already worked out how to make the most of life and her likes and dislikes.  She particularly loves going to sleep on grand dad... and an afternoon at the intercontinental lazing under the umbrellas.

And Nana does too - spot the swimmer, I should say floater, just lazing out like Milan.
Grand dad is busy doing his laps of the big pool - too much like hard work.