Friday, July 23, 2010

Let's get physical!

This term we have begun taking a small group of children for a walk, run, game of soccer, what ever the children fancy on the day. Even in the rain we have put on coats and gumboots and off we go.
Having some space to run around for just a few minutes is a great adventure. Children are great at playing statues and listening for the whistle to freeze.
This week we have had fun chasing seagulls on the top paddock and kicking the soccer ball around the back court.
Children put their name on the list of up to 10 names if they are wanting to come. We will go rain or shine!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Glue Gun Construction

The glue guns and a refreshed collection of soft and hard, natural, and other materials have added a new dimension to construction over last term and again this term.
The glue guns themselves take practice to master, the cold pack sometimes needed for fingers that have had glue dropped onto them. From simple glueing of materials onto a base, to more complex structures, children explore pattern, design, balance and direction as they problem solve how to make their structures stable.
Current events have been explored with an oil sucker upper being constructed to save the birds from the gulf oil spill.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On Monday we were discussing the issue of reaching the top of the carpentry house and how unsafe it is to climb on the house. I told the children we had been meaning to buy a step ladder. One child turned and said " You can get one from Mitre 10 in the building site part". Good idea I thought so we planned to walk to the shop the next day to buy a step ladder. What a long way it is down the railway reserve but it was worth it for fluffy and a cheese scone plus a play in the playground. We also bought new padlocks, some more string and a couple of
very flash watering cans.

Children were great at walking with their partners and holding hands. Some magic walking beans on the way home helped also, alias jelly beans!

Icy Fun

You can imagine the delight, the children expressed, at the sight of a mountain of glistening white ice, heaped in the playground.
They explored with all their senses. Rolling, sliding, slipping, tasting, throwing, being buried.
It was a full body experience for many children. Relishing the experience of being covered in the ice.
Questions - how did it get here.
Theories - it fell from the sky, Father Christmas bought it. It comes from the mountains
Stories - We went to the snow.
Observations - Its cold. Its wet, crunchy, slippery.