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Developing responsible habits around water

Seeds from home

Tom's family brought in some giant pumpkin seeds for us to plant and share with our kindergarten families.  We planted them and put them in our plastic growing house, and we will remember to water them and watch them sprout.  I can't wait to see them grow, I wonder how big our pumpkin will be?  Maybe we could have competition.  Thanks to Tom's family for bringing them in.

Recycling Unnamed Paintings

Covering unnamed paintings with a coating of black paint, using rollers, and then having the children use a range of tools to etch patterns and pictures onto the wet paint is a fantastic way to recycle paper while creating some stunning pieces of art work. It is magical as the colours underneath start to appear and the detailed drawings take shape. And what the children find really satisfying is that if they are not happy with their drawing they can just use the roller to cover up the section they don't want to keep and redo it. Just take a look at these!

17th September 2012

Propagating new plants is busy work for 3 years, it is real work using recycled containers and plants brought in by families to grow new plants, to then share back to our families.  Some rosemary, sage and bay cuttings put into a mixture of sand and potting mix. This is our sustainability journey and children are eager to be part of it, they notice and respond by asking if they can help and they just get on with the job.

We will watch with interest this term to see how our cuttings grow roots, or not and wonder how we look after them and grow them on further.
Children are naturally curious about their environment and if we foster that curiosity and interest then they will take responsibility for caring for it in the future. 




12th September 2012

This morning Julia came to present us with our Healthy Heart Award, PĀ HARAKEKE, in recognition that Nayland Kindergarten is "creating an environment that promotes nutritional health and physical activity". Before handing the certificate to two of our tamariki she shared an interactive story with us about a fitness frog. Kei runga noe atu tātou! Awesome effort everyone! 

Jo Martin from the Nelson City Council came to present our Enviro Schools folder at mat time.
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