Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lets go swimming

The temperatures in Nelson this year have been extreme and the thought of going swim was very appealing.  To take under 5yr olds swimming has its challenges but anything is possible so we made it happen.
Kori the Penguin and to come to talk to the children about water safety in pools, beaches and boats first and then we made sure we had all the safety issues sorted and we were off to swim at Nayland Pool.  With 10 children and 12 adults we had a blast and it was great to see the developing water confidence.

Dinosaur Land

One child's interest is the inspiration for dinosaur land to be created at kindergarten.   We went in search of all our dinosaurs and discovered we had about 30 which we matched up and this created lots of discussion about meat eaters and plant eaters and who were the most ferocious.
There were many opportunities for tamariki to explore possible areas for dinosaurs to roam and then we discovered a dinosaur grave which caused great excitement.

Using some old netting, shade cloth, plastic tablecloths and nails it all happened.  We sources foliage from the garden and reels from the sandpits.  Our goal is always to reuse, recycle and redesign!!