Monday, May 7, 2012

What a huge fish!

There was huge excitement last Wednesday when the grandfather of one of our Kindergarten children brought in a true to scale model of a striped marlin. For many of us it was one of those real "wow" moments as he carried it in and set it up on the especially made trestles. It was huge! The children listened attentively as he shared lots of interesting information about the marlin (e.g. the significance of the colours, what they eat, what they use their sword for, the importance of the different fins, the tail etc) and then invited questions from the children. They also had the opportunity to go up and look more closely at the fish and to touch it. Before they went off for lunch our guest asked the children if they would like him to bring in another fish for them to see. "Yes," they replied. "What sort of fish would you like to see?" he asked. "A shark!" was the unanimous reply. "One with really big sharp teeth?" he asked. "Yes!" they all called out excitedly. So that is the plan and I can't wait to see the children's reactions when that big mako shark comes in for a visit!
The next day several children joined me at the art table when I invited them to come and draw a picture of the marlin. I had a photo there as a discussion focus and I was impressed with the recall the children had of some of the facts that had been shared with them the previous day. My laptop also provided more pictures and information about the striped marlin and a very cool YouTube clip of marlin fishing off the Californian coast which got the children very excited and invited even more discussion. And the drawings that the children created were fantastic. Ka rawe, tamariki! Thank you , Wally!

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