Saturday, March 18, 2017

Our gardens are laden with fruit!

It is exciting to see our trees fruiting, the worm farm so healthy (thanks to our families for bringing in their vegetable waste) and the vegetable gardens growing well.  Children experience what it means to care for our gardens, be sustainable, to recycle food waste and reuse our own paper waste to keep the worm farm healthy.
 The children are loving 'harvest time', picking the apples has been long awaited.

 It has taken us a couple of years to perfect the right conditions for our worms and it must be perfect right as it is alive with millions of the white baby worms and many big tiger worms too.

 We are caring for our grafted pear tree taken from our 75 year old pear tree below, which is presently laden in pears.  There has been the smell of pear pickle/chutney inside and outside as it cooks.

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