Sunday, June 26, 2016

Exploring Art

We had been creating boxes displaying New Zealand nocturnal creatures both natives and predators, and inspired by the Brook Sanctuary's conservation efforts to protect native species. The boxes were created to be a part of a community project for the upcoming "Light Nelson", an outdoor light installation exhibition.

With the boxesit was time to deliver them to Office Max, and see how they looked in the room they had setup with UV light.  Our boxes with their glowing fluro paint looked fantastic!
Making the most of the opportunity to explore our wider community, we then went to visit the Refinery Artspace.  There were many different art mediums being exhibited for us to view; wooden and bronze sculptures, paintings, drawings, and even a taxidermy rabbit.  Surrounded with all this artwork, we then spent time sketching or photographing, the art which inspired us.   

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