Monday, March 28, 2016

"Lets bike to the park"

There had been lots of bike ridingg happening at kindergarten, so when Hadrian suggested "Let's bike to the Park", I thought what a great idea!
When the day arrived, with great excitement everyone got ready; backpacks, shoes and helmet.  Then off we set, past Broadgreen Intermediate, turning down and onto the Railway Reserve, we peddled for several blocks until we reached the Park.  After all that exercise we were hungry and thirsty, so sat together and had our morning kai.
Then it was time to explore! There was a fun dirt track that wound around the park, and up and down the hills.  Everyone did a great job of going in the same direction, and waiting at the top of the hill for their turn to go down.  There was so much energy amongst the group, the boys just kept on riding..... although some tried running it too!  

The morning flew by, and all too soon it was time to head back to kindergarten.
At kindergarten we love the opportunity to head out and explore our wider community, and supporting the children"s interests and passions.  On the bike ride back, there was talk of where  we could ride to next, with the BMX track was a popular choice... we will have to see what we can organise!

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