Thursday, September 17, 2015

We did it... we added the water!

 The children had asked and asked, "can we have water now?"  We responsed with a big "YES!"
The fun was enormous and so was the mess, but did we care?, goodness NO!, we just kept on getting muddier and muddier and muddier.  

 I think that the question we might have asked ourselves quietly was, "would the girls love it as much", well here is your answer..... YES INDEED!  There were as many boys as girls.
Some of them played for up to an hour, then we got the hose and a big bucket and got ourselves back to semi clean.... we semi rinsed the mud out of the clothes and hung them on the fence, which looked rather funny too.
Many people passing just smiled or called out "now that looks like fun".
It was more than fun it was MIGHTY MESSY FUN WITH FRIENDS.

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