Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Walk to Grace's House and the Stoke Library     

4th September 2015 

We set off out the gate and along the Railway Reserve, in beautiful sunshine, with Grace leading to way to her house.  With an ongoing interest in photography amongst the children, there were plenty of opportunities along the way to take photos, and before long and we were at Grace's house.

We were welcomed in to play, with Grace excitedly showing us her bedroom, and sharing her toys with the group.  Graces whanau had made special treats for morning tea, which we all enjoyed. Then there was time for more playing and dancing, before a quick tidyup, and continuing on our walk to Stoke Library.

Mary the librarian welcomed us to the library, and read two stories to the group.  Then there was time to explore and read books together, and check out the puzzles and games, before choosing some books to take back with us to Kindergarten. 

It was lots of fun heading out into our local community, and this supports our children to make links between the kindergarten setting and other settings that relate to the children and their whanau.

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