Saturday, August 22, 2015

Off to Birchwood School and Miela's house.

Miela’s invited us to come play at her house and because she lives close to
Birchwood School we visited Addison (who left us for school at the end of
last term) on the way. We spent time in the classroom with the children
and Mrs Saville, we played in the playground and then we walked to
Miela’s house. Everyone enjoyed playing in Miela’s bedroom and on her
trampoline. Thanks Kate, Dion and Miela for welcoming us to your
place. Also thanks to Abby, Andrea, Charmaine and Natalya who offered
to help on the day.
At kindergarten we encourage the exploration of the wider community as
this enables children to develop an understanding of the world around
them, while practicing their skills for dealing with new situations and
building relationships with a widening group of children and adults. We
appreciate being part of a community of families who are excited about

helping us make this happen on a regular basis.

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