Saturday, March 7, 2015

Trip to Nayland College Horticulture Unit.

Jeff Bryant (The Head of the Horticulture Department) at Nayland College invited us to visit.   Jeff had two student  helpers  called Toni and Jamie. They showed us around and helped us.   We got to plant a pea seed each.  First we had to fill our pot with compost and then plant the seed. Jeff asked if we needed worms for the kindergarten  worm farm, which we did. And so we all went to find them.  Their worm farm is much bigger than the one at kindy, and it is very smelly .  We had a look at the garden and even saw a zucchini that Mary’s son Mitch is growing.  When we got back to kindergarten we put the worms into our worm farm.  We really do hope that helps our worm farm as it has been looking a little bit sad with not much sign of life lately.    We also look forward to planting our pea seeds and then being able to eat fresh peas.  

The new horticulture unit is huge and we were all very impressed with the tool shed and the chicken house.  Hopefully we can go back and visit once there are chickens living in it. 
 Congratulations  Jeff Bryant and Nayland College on your  fantastic new facility and thanks for inviting us to come visit.  We hope we can work with you again soon.  Mary and the children from Nayland Kindergarten.

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