Thursday, March 12, 2015

Exploring illumination

The children were very excited when we told them that we were going to make a dark room, they quickly helped us clear our little room so that we could get it underway. It sat empty for a day and all their ideas began to flow, "this could be dinosaur land", "it could be a dark forest", "it could be a spooky forest".  With the black polythene up it was magically dark and the painting began with ideas from the children.  They even painted the floor by painting their hands and doing hand stands. We found white stickers that glowed really well and they stuck them on their arms and legs so that they looked robotic, it was a great idea but a little tricky to get off. (a little cream and a quick pull)
It has become a place to explore light and dark, find out what glows and what shines and what do we have on our bodies that light up.  The room is often full of as many adults as children and when we put the music in there the party began.

My camera is not sure what to make of it all, but here are some photos to give you the idea.
They have drawn mountains, sun, shooting stars, the moon and much more.

 Look for then stickers on the arms and legs, it really does look amazing.

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Harshini Das said...

Great pictures must say,Very innovative,Thank you for sharing.Keep up the momentum.
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