Thursday, October 16, 2014

Off to the Air Nelson.

 At kindergarten we love the opportunity to explore new places in our local community.  It was with much excitement we took up the opportunity offered from Lionel (Juandre’s and Liam’s Dad) to visit Air Nelson, and get close to the aeroplanes.
Lionel met us at Air Nelson, and after explaining how to keep ourselves safe, we were ready to head into the hanger.  Inside were two aeroplanes which were having maintenance work done on them - the men working on them were attached by a harness, just in case they slipped.  We were able to go inside one of the aeroplanes, it had a huge silver fern painted on it’s tail.  Inside the aeroplane we checked out the cockpit and see where the pilot’s sits and all the instruments he uses to fly the aeroplane.  The tour finished with a walk through the main maintenance hanger, where there was a lot of activity and noise.  Kaiako Lynette.

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