Thursday, October 16, 2014

A visit to the Suter Gallery

11th    June 2014  .  We headed out into our community to visit The Suter Art Gallery.  On arrival we were greeted by Esther who showed us around the gallery and talked to us about the artwork on display.  We began by looking for repeating patterns in the paintings, then using our bodies to make the patterns.  Then turning on some music, Esther encouraged us to use our bodies to make repeating patterns in time to the music.  Next we looked closely at the paintings, finding shapes which we made our bodies into….we became trees, birds, mountains and rivers.  After that it was time to get creative, we each chose a favourite painting,  and then set to work creating our own interpretation of the original artwork using pastels.  What a beautiful collection of pictures were created to display on our wall back at Kindergarten.   Kaiako Lynette.

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