Monday, August 25, 2014

Daltons Sunflower Competition.

We have joined in a nationwide competition, growing Skyscraper Sunflowers.
Daltons kindly sent us pots, seeds, seed trays, seed raising mix and compost. During the past week many children have been busy helping to plant out our seeds.  We have also bought a mini greenhouse to germinate the seeds in.  Children will help to water and care for these, and I am sure they will watch their progress with great interest.  Taking part in this competition is another way of providing children with hands on experiences in learning about kaitiakitanga - caring for our environment.  The excitement so far has been fabulous and several children already check the pots daily to see if anything has happened.  Come and take a look for yourselves next time you drop off your child, and of course you can check their  progress right here on the blog. Ka kite ano.

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