Saturday, June 14, 2014

In the beginning.

A story we regularly explore at kindergarten is a Māori legend of how the world was created. In this particular story Ranginui and Papatuanuku were so close that their children had no room to move about and they lived in darkness. They decided to work together to separate their parents.  They were successful and light entered the world.  The children then became guardians /kaitiaki of different areas.  In response to this legend we invited children to help create the Ocean for Tangaroa, a forest for Tane Mahuta and the sky for Ranginui the sky father.  As we worked together we explored what things we would find in each of these areas and children drew them and added these to the scenes.   While working together on the project we also continued to explore the idea of us all being kaitiaki of the world we live in and what that might mean.  Children suggested things like "we look after all the animals " and "we can't leave our rubbish on the ground" .

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