Monday, October 28, 2013

Sharing skills and knowledge within our community of schools

When the Broadgreen Intermediate girls came across to question a small group of  4 year olds about kindergarten they never expected to get a lesson in Highland fling, but that is exactly what happened.  Our very dynamic little 4 year old demonstrated the Highland Fling and then raised the bar by expecting the visitors to get it right, she was happy to correct them and to demand excellence. It is great to see learning being shared and learners becoming the teachers and vice versa.
Lots of laughter and fun was had by all.

Later that week we had an opportunity to visit the Child Studies students at Nayland College with a group of 15 children.  They had designed individual lunchboxes for each child and planned the healthy contents to tempt children to try some delicious morsels, possibly for the first time.  The children were delighted and they gave the girls some very useful feedback.  Thanks Nayland College we will see you again next year, and maybe this time we might cook lunch for you.  Well maybe not all 1200 of you.

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